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Ok, Cattleman, by now you have probably got your hay baled and most of your forages put up, so now what?  Just put it in the bale feeders and your good to go, right!

Well not really, chances are with our weather conditions this year, the hay may have not gotten put up under the best conditions.  It is best to let us test your forages and see what their nutrient content actually is.

Extended periods of poor nutrition can lead to calving problems, weak newborns, poor quality milk, rebreeding problems and many other costly complications.  The multiple costs associated with feeding poor Quality hay for an extended amount of time are hard to put a dollar amount on, but they are certainly effecting your bottom line.  Call Kalmbach Feeds of Indiana at 765-478-4171 to schedule us to test your forages as a free service we provide to you.

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Kalmbach Feeds of Indiana

Kalmbach Feeds of Indiana is a feed manufacturing facility offering bulk & pre-packaged bag feeds along with feed ingredients for all species. Meal and texturized feeds from mineral mixes, premixes, supplements and complete feeds are just a few of the other great products we’re able to offer. We provide pelleted feeds through Kalmbach Feeds, Inc. to many of our customers in Indiana and Ohio. Experienced nutritionists of all livestock species are just a phone call away, in order to better serve our customers. Our grain handling facility is second to none; accepting corn, beans and wheat. We strive to develop repeat “elated customers”, providing high quality feed, service, and value.

Physical Address: 1481 South Germantown Rd. Pershing IN. 47370
Mailing Address:  PO Box 297 Pershing IN. 47370
Phone #’s: 765-478-4171 or 1-888-855-1727